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Yes. It's definitely true that the volume One were composed as private documents and made public out of some sense of authorial obligation.


It sounds interesting when you know you had known something which is supposed to be private. I'm not saying that what he did was wrong. I actually admire him for being true and brave.

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It is an excellent piece of empirical science with clear applications for the responses of marine mammal stranding organizations to the growing problems associated with domoic acid problems in pinnipeds.

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But nothing says, “My private life is no longer private” like “Hello, World, I am publishing an autobiography in which I tell you that I lost my virginity after consuming too many wine coolers on a camping trip.

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I can see the serious regards of reading this article. Private documents and even information, we don't need to tell the world about it. Everything is just one click away even the personal matters happened to us if we tolerate posting those in social sites.

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